One of the key roles of CSF is to share the SP+ toolkit across Government. A main vehicle for this is a series of workshops dubbed “FutureCraft”, which aims to introduce key skills and tools relevant to government foresight work, at the Civil Service College. Our FutureCraft courses, which are for Singapore public officers only, are as follows:

FutureCraft 101: Introduction to Foresight

This introductory course provides  a “taster” of the various aspects of foresight work in Government, and exposes budding futurists to a range of basic tools. 

View more details on FutureCraft 101 here.

FutureCraft 102: SP+ Tools and Facilitation

FutureCraft 102 focuses on various tools from our SP+ suite. Participants discuss possible trajectories of a given public policy issue with the help of these tools, and also learn how to facilitate conversations using these tools.

 View more details on FutureCraft 102 here.

FutureCraft 201: Scenario Planning

FutureCraft 201 is centred on the scenario planning methodology, from defining the focal concern and driving force analysis to constructing scenario frameworks, scenario-writing and translating scenarios to strategies.

View more details on FutureCraft 201 here.

Last updated: 25 Aug 2017