Foresight Conference 2013

Foresight Conference 2013

The theme of the second Foresight Conference was “Foresight and Public Policy”, which explored  the future of growth, the future of the middle class, the future of cities, the future of relationships between citizens, corporations and governments, and the future of trust, power and well-being. Topics discussed ranged from the implications of policies on governments and the governed, to the rise of China. Participants included:

  • Richard O’Neill, Founder and President, The Highlands Group and Chief Facilitator.
  • Anies Baswedan, President of Paramadina University, Indonesia. He was Indonesia’s Minister of Culture and Primary and Secondary Education from 2014 to 2016.
  • Manu Bhaskaran, Director of Centennial Group.
  • Catherine Fieschi, Director of Counterpoint United Kingdom.
  • Pankaj Mishra, writer and historian, recipient of the 2014 Windham-Campbell Prize for non-fiction.
  • Ann Pendleton-Jullian, distinguished Professor of Design at Georgetown University.
  • Peter Schwartz, Senior Vice President for Global Government Relations and Strategic Planning at
  • Xue Lan, Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University.

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