CSF produces an annual report called Foresight to capture some of the breadth and depth of the work that we do in researching new topics of interest, drawing insights from conversations across our network, or building foresight capabilities. 

​Foresight 2015

Key topics:

  • A Tale of Two Cities Holds Lessons for Singapore
  • Automation and the Future of Work
  • A New Framework for Thinking about National Identity 
  • Trust and the Public Service 
  • The Ups and Downs of Batteries and Renewable Energy
  • Using a Risk-Informed Framework to Consider the Role of the State
  • Complexity, Creativity, and Cockroaches - A Conversation with Richard Bookstaber
  • Evolving Role of the State - From Concept to Conversation
  • Communicating Futures: Stories Are Not Just for Bedtime

View Foresight 2015 in PDF or ePub version.

Past editions of Foresight 

  • Foresight 2014 here.
  • Foresight 2012 here.
  • Foresight 2011 here.

Driving Forces Cards 2035

DF cards

The Driving Forces (DF) Cards 2035 was produced in 2016 to spark conversations on the key forces of change that will shape Singapore's operating environment in the next 20 years. It combines the Environmental Scanning and Sense Making SP+ tools to identify trends and potential disruptors that could impact the global order, the way people live, work and interact, and how governments operate in this time frame. The cards are not intended to be exhaustive, but offer alternative ways to think about the future. 

View the Driving Forces Cards 2035 here.

ESI Project 2.0


The ESI Project 2.0 was inspired by consulting firm Arup's Drivers of Change cards to present our top 48 Emerging Strategic Issues (ESIs) on a deck of cards we called the Future Deck. this was designed to trigger conversations on public policy, emerging issues and trends. 

View Future Deck here.

Conversations for the Future

Conversations for the Future outlines how our efforts at planning have evolved since the late 1980s, when we first experimented with scenario planning. This publication consists of a historical overview of Scenario Planning in Singapore, and discusses the benefits and challenges of Scenario Planning.

View Conversations for the Future here.

Foresight: A Glossary


What is a "black swan"? What are "wicked problems"?

The work of imagining, anticipating and planning for the future has acquired a language of its own. This Foresight Glossary is a guide to the concepts, tools and methodologies commonly used in the Singapore Government foresight space. Each entry provides a definition and overview of a concept or term, along with a listing of resources for further information.

View the Foresight Glossary here


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