Strategic Futures Network

The Strategic Futures Network convenes Deputy Secretary–level officers in the Singapore government twice a year to discuss emerging trends that may have interesting implications for Singapore.


Sandbox is a series of informal staff-level meetings for foresight and strategic planning officers from various parts of the Singapore government to share on-going projects, evaluate ideas and examine areas for potential collaboration. It is held once every two months.

Futures Conversations

In a series of conversations chaired by Mr Peter Ho, Senior Advisor to CSF, Futures Conversations brings together leaders across the Public Service. Issues discussed include latest trends, strategic issues and key developments and their relevant implications for Singapore. It hopes to hone officers’ instincts for futures work and bolster the anticipatory capabilities within and between government agencies.

Think Tank Workshops

CSF regularly convenes closed-door workshops to bring together varied perspectives on a particular topic. Past workshops have explored topics such as The Future of Singapore Society, The Future of Southeast Asia, and SG50: Where To From Here?

Participants are carefully curated to ensure a diversity of views, and have included academics and educators, arts practitioners, entrepreneurs, journalists and writers, athletes and representatives from the unions, non-governmental organisations and voluntary welfare organisations.

Government Partners

CSF works closely with futures and strategic planning departments in various parts of the Singapore government to help promote futures thinking and gain insights on methodologies for futures work.

Key partners include: